Kano Model for Prioritization: Visualizing priorities using the Kano Model


Kano Model for Prioritization - Summary.pdf (174.92 kb)


Functionality (degree to which the item can be implemented)

  • Best (2): the solution can be implemented to its full potential
  • Good (1): the solution can be implemented to an acceptable degree
  • Basic (0): the solution’s primary functions can be implemented, but nothing more
  • Some (-1): the solution can be partly implemented
  • None (-2): the solution cannot be implemented

Customer satisfaction

  • Delighted (2): the solution exceeds users’ expectations
  • Satisfied (1): the solution meets users’ expectations
  • Neutral (0)
  • Dissatisfied (-1): the solution does not meet users’ expectations
  • Frustrated (-2): the solution causes additional hardship for the user

Source: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/prioritization-methods/ 

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