Brilliant meetings and virtuals


Ensure that they DO

Be clear of what is the goal of your meeting and what you want to have AFTER the meeting:

  1. Call for action (next steps)
  2. Come to an agreement


Engage the audience

Get the attention of the audience:

  1. "We have something cool today on the agenda"
  2. "Today we do it completely differently then last time"
  3. "We have a big opportunity, let's see if we can make it happen in the next 45 minutes"


Be clear of the purpose


Ensure a good agenda

Do not add actions on the agenda, put instead the intended outcome on the list.


Limit the Duration of the Meeting


Limit the number of agreements needed in the meeting

The more people attend, the more consensus you need … and you may end up with a Camel.


Guide the attendies by using phrases like ... 

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